Grabenwöger heartcenter"Successful treatments in patient care"
1st Heart Surgical Departement Hietzing, Vienna
Project: Prevention of sternum instability after hear surgery using a newly developed Thorax Support System

"The Staff in the 1st Surgical Departement of the heart center Hietzing, Vienna and our patients experience daily the extraordinary effects of this product. Since we treat all patients with Posthorax sternum vest it is a win for all - we highly recommend Posthorax to every heart center.

Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. M. Grabenwöger, Dr. Michael Gorlitzer
Heartcenter Vienna, Austria

Dr. Wagner"Correct application and stringent useof the Posthorax® vest as a single patient product provides highly significant results preventing dWHC whereas dWHC showed no significant improvement. Hence post operative anterior posterior stabilization in the dorsal ventral axis as demonstrated by the Posthorax® vest seems to be the single most important factor preventing deep sternal wounds infections and mediastinitis. DGTHG 2011

Phd. Dr. Florian Wagner
University Hospital Hamburg, Germany

Hospital"We have used the vest for more than 6 months in more than 500 patients. We are very pleased with the result. In these 500 patients we have 2 cases of mediastinitis.

"After 3 months we evaluated the vest, we called around 200 patients 4 weeks after surgery. More than 80% were satisfied and felt secure and comfortable with the vest.

"What we have been seeing is that they mobilized better and earlier according with the physiotherapist.

M. D. PhD. Hans Jonsson
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Karolinksa University Hospital Stockholm

Hospital visits"Hi,
Yesterday I received the PRO vest. It's great, much better than the one they had in the hospital. My father can breath normally, and he doesn't feel such big pain. Thank you very much also for the fastest delivery I've ever seen. Regards from Poland.

Agnieszka Figlewicz 

Hospital view"Ladies and Gentleman,
Grateful thanks for providing the chest bone support vest. It has helped me very much after the operation and was an indispensable healing device. Now 2 months after the the operation I feel very well and thank you very much.

With cordial greetings,
Klaus Dieter Rassenbruch, Leipzig

Support Vest

  • Deep sternal infection

    The Posthorax Support Vest stabilizes the sternum after the operation and prevents friction between the two sternum half's.

  • Clinical studies

    Deep sternal wound infections and mediastinitis were eliminated, related hospitalization time and human and financial cost were significantly reduced.

  • Easy to use

    To learn how to use our support vests, you may check our manual guide or our instructional videos .

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Not sure about what size to choose? Take a look into our size chart

Item Chest size
POSTHORAX PRO Ladies M (Medium) 70-90 cm
27-35 inches
POSTHORAX PRO Ladies L (Large) 90-120 cm
35-47 inches
POSTHORAX PRO Ladies XL (XLarge) 120-150 cm
47-60 inches
special model
150-210 cm
60-82 inches
POSTHORAX Ladies Bra Cup B flexible under-band
80+ cm, 30+ inches
POSTHORAX Ladies Bra Cup C flexible under-band
90+ cm, 35+ inches
POSTHORAX Ladies Bra Cup D flexible under-band
100+ cm, 40+ inches
POSTHORAX Ladies Bra Cup E flexible under-band
110+ cm, 44+ inches
POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen M (Medium) 70-90 cm
27-35 inches
POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen L (Large) 90-120 cm
35-47 inches
POSTHORAX PRO Gentlemen XL (XLarge) 120-150 cm
47-60 inches
special model
150-210 cm
60-82 inches
POSTHORAX PRO Universal S (Small) 60-70cm
23-27 inches
About us

About us

Our goal is to help revolutionize post-operative care in cardiac surgery and gain recognition for our novelty sternum stabilizer that prevents the most feared complications after open heart surgery - deep sternal wound infections and pneumonia.
Jurgen Epple - Founder

If you would like to have more information about how the scientific community supports our Support Vest, please go through some of the studies made in the last years.

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